Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 E-Monster, Blue
Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 E-Monster, Blue
Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 E-Monster, Blue
Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 E-Monster, Blue
Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 E-Monster, Blue

Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 E-Monster, Blue

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Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 E-Monster, Blue


The all-new MT4 G3 is ready to convince your neighbors that the brushless power rules!

Powered by the high torque IBL-40/20 2000Kv brushless motor and twin battery packs, the MT4 G3 can pull wheelies, back flips and get air off the jump easily!

The differentials of the MT4 G3 are equipped with steel spiral bevel gears to help it handle the brutal torque of the IBL40/20 2000Kv motor.

The MT4 G3』s 3mm rigid aluminum chassis and brace are securely mounted and the brace cover features vents to keep the batteries and electronicscool.

1/8 Scale Affordable Brushless System Now Is Available!
Thunder Tiger Corp. is pleased to announce the brand new ACE RC brushless speed control and motor for 1/8 scale R/C vehicles. ESC is now available in 80A and 150A, in which the former is perfectly used for buggy and truggy while the latter is mainly used for power-on-demand monster trucks as well as 1/5 scale. The ACE RC IBL4020 2000Kv super brushless system not only provides amazing torque and speed potential for your 1/8 scale vehicle, but supplies a longer operation time due to less friction in the brushless motor compared with other sensored systems. Also ACE RC brushless speed control is compatible with all sensorless brushless motors and most of sensored brushless motors such as Novak, LPP, Feigao and etc. Moreover, ESC is bullet-proof itself with other multiple protection features such as voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection, motor blocked protection and splash/dust proof cover. Our customer would breeze through the system setup with the programming card.
IBL Series Brushless Motor for 1/8 Car
IBL40/20 2000KV

Motor Type KV Diameter mm Length without Shaft mm Shaft mm Shaft length
IBL 40/20 2000 42.0 74 5 18.5
Motor Type RM OHM MAX Volts IO@10V Continuous Watts
IBL 40/20 0.005 26 2.3A@10V 1350

Engine Features
1. High efficiency (>90%), the additional heat-sink is unnecessary in most applications.
2. New design with lighter weight but bigger torque.
3. Higher power than the competition, faster acceleration and higher top speed.
4. Top quality materials:
Aluminum shell (case)
High quality magnets
Copper wires of high temperature endurance Good quality bearings
5. Anti-broken rotor with special workmanship 

  • Compatible with most ST-1 series parts
  •  Heavy Duty Steel Diff Ring/ Pinion
  •  Adjustable Steel Turnbuckles
  •  Compact Molded Chassis Brace And Cover
  •  New Concept Monster Truck Body
  •  CNC Machined Aluminum Motor Mount
  •  CNC Machined Steel Pinion Gear
  •  Equipped Front/Rear/Center CVD Drive Shafts
  •  ACE RC Brushless Power System for 1:8 Scale Car
  •  Center Drive Shaft Guard For Cable Protection
  •  High Current Super Deans Plugs Included
  •  Anodized Aluminum Oil-Filled Shocks
  •  17mm Aluminum Wheel Hubs
  •  Rear, Center and Front Fluid Filled Differentials
  •  S2008MG Metal Gear High Torque Servo For Steering

Wheelbase(mm / in.)  360mm
Weight(g/ lbs.)  4180g
Length(mm / in.)  532mm
Width(mm / in.)  434mm
Height(mm / in.)  240mm
Ground Clearance(mm / in.)  
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Motor  IBL40/20 2000Kv brushless motor