Bittydesign M410 1/10 Touring Car Body (Clear) (190mm) (Light Weight) #BDYTC-190M410
Bittydesign M410 1/10 Touring Car Body (Clear) (190mm) (Light Weight) #BDYTC-190M410
Bittydesign M410 1/10 Touring Car Body (Clear) (190mm) (Light Weight) #BDYTC-190M410

Bittydesign M410 1/10 Touring Car Body (Clear) (190mm) (Light Weight) #BDYTC-190M410

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Bittydesign M410 1/10 Touring Car Body (Clear) (190mm) (Light Weight)

The Bitttydesign M410 1/10 Touring Car Body includes all the experience and know-how Bittydesign has gained in over 10 years of presence on the racetrack. Designed with the collaboration of an internationally renowned car designer and tested by Bittydesign's worldwide team of drivers, the M410 looks stunning and delivers performance at the top of its class. 

Designed to Win
Tested for several months indoors and out, on different types of carpet and tarmac, the M410 body shell represent the pinnacle of Bittydesigns touring car performance. The M410 is the lightest of the lightweight shells on the market. Thanks to a unique material and thermoforming process the M410 weighs in at just 85-86gr, reducing the roll and the center of gravity of the model, while creating a good compromise between weight and durability. Several track tests have shown excellent impact resistance, making the M410's extremely tough for a light weight body. 

Developed for Performance
During the design stage, attention was focused on aesthetics and aerodynamics to obtain the best possible performance. The design of the front end creates very fast corner entry that stays consistent throughout the steering range, while the rear end has been developed with shapes and EFRA measurements that ensure high stability and traction that will help make the model easy to drive on all surfaces.

NOTE: Painted body shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only and is not included. The body you will receive is clear and unpainted. 


  • Complies with international specs - EFRA and IFMAR homologated
  • Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®
  • Includes screws, nuts and large plastic washers to secure the rear wing
  • Available only in a Light Weight 0.75mm thick version
  • Sold clear with protective film applied
  • Includes pre-cut decal sheets and windows masks