Incision SCX10/SCX10 II RTR Driveshafts #INCIRC00220

Incision SCX10/SCX10 II RTR Driveshafts #INCIRC00220

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Incision SCX10/SCX10 II RTR Driveshafts.

Incision SCX10 II RTR & SCX10 Driveshafts will allow you to improve durability and the scale look of your rig. Hardened steel construction and the ability to install in phase make these a must have upgrade for your 12.3" wheelbase SCX10 and SCX10-2 RTR based build. 


  • Universal Joint Style
  • Hardened Steel Construction
  • Splined Engagement
  • 4mm Set Pins included to attach to pinion and transmission
  • Splines are timed to allow for driveshafts to be installed in phase