RC4WD C2X Class 2 Competition Truck w/ Mojave II 4 Door Body

RC4WD C2X Class 2 Competition Truck w/ Mojave II 4 Door Body

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RC4WD C2X Class 2 Competition Truck w/ Mojave II 4 Door Body

RC4WD C2X Class 2 Competition Truck w/ Mojave II 4 Door Body

Built from the ground up to be one of the most capable scale trucks RC4WD has created, the C2X was designed with performance and looks in mind. Whether you are an experienced competitor or a casual Trail driver this truck is ready right out of the box.

The C2X features the classic styling of the 4 Door Mojave body mated with the Marlin style grille and machined delrin bed. Underneath, the chassis is 3mm thick CNC aluminum offering multiple mounting positions for the suspension links and rear shocks. Slide over obstacles with ease thanks to the machined delrin skid plate. The heart of the chassis is made up of our trusted R3 Single Speed Transmission with the Hammer Transfer Case.

Whether you're driving for competition or just out trailing on the weekends, the C2X is sure to exceed your expectations.  
RC4WD D44 Narrow Front And Rear Axles
Custom Designed For Looks And Performance
Twister High Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo
Chassis Mounted Steering Servo
540 Crawler Brushed Motor 35T
Rock Krawler RRD Emulsion Scale Dual Spring Shocks
Mickey Thompson 1.9" Scale Tires
R3 Single Speed Transmission
CNC Machined And Bent Aluminum Chassis Frame
Center Mounted Realistic 4X4 Transfer Case
Outcry III Waterproof ESC
Scale Off-road Style Custom Delrin Bed
4 Link Rear And 3-Link W/ Panhard Bar Front Suspension
OEM Stamped Steel 1.9" Beadlock Wheels
6-Cell 3000mAh NIMH Battery Pack
NIMH Peak Battery Charger

Hammer Transfer Case
Ratio: 1.47: 1
Gears: Wide .8 Mod Steel Gears
Features: 8 Bearings, Cast Casing,Hardened Gears

R3 Single Speed Transmission
Ratios: Pinion/Spur 14/64 = 4.57:1
Internal Ratio = 1.78:1
Gears: Wide Steel .8 Mod, Delrin Spur, Slipper Clutch

D44 Plastic Complete Rear Axle
Ratio: 38/13 = 2.92: 1
Width at pin:182.5mm

C2X Chassis
Features: Billet Aluminum Construction, Adjustable Shock Hoops

Drive Shafts
High Quality Plastic Material, Ultra Durable High Quality Steel Yokes

Name: OEM 1.9" Stamped Steel Beadlock Wheels
Hub: 12mm Hex
Width: 24.3mm
OD: 48.3mm
Features: Stamped Steel, Aluminum Hubs, Internal Beadlock, Scale 6 Lug Design

Truck Dimensions
Wheelbase: 318mm (12.5")
Length: 499mm( 19.6")
Width: 239mm (9.4")
Height: 236mm (9.3")
Ground Clearance: 74mm (2.9")
Final Drive Ratio: 34.9:1
Weight: 7.60Lbs/3.45Kg

The R3 Single Speed Transmission comes with a tough cast-metal case and wide gears to allow for more abuse along with a delrin spur with a slipper clutch and a billet aluminum motor mount for durability.

The C2X RTR includes the Hammer Transfer Case. Packed with scale detail, the case features a cast metal exterior and the heavy duty .8 Mod Widened Gears for durability.

Drawing on the success of the RC4WD MOA Gear Sets, the C2X RTR Drivetrain has the most durable gears RC4WD has to offer so that it can stay on the trail, day after day with no issues.

The RC4WD D44 Plastic Complete Axles feature innovative 8 degree knuckles, adjustable caster, removable diff covers, hardened steel gears axles and CVD front axles. RC4WD also offers over/under ring and pinion gears for these.

The Driveshafts for the C2X RTR are designed with heavy duty metal uni-joints with tough plastic shafts for great driveline angles and resilience on the trails.

The C2X RTR Chassis features a CNC machined delrin center skid, higher arches over the axles and CNC aluminum mounting brackets all mounted to CNC machined aluminum chassis rails. All of these elements are purposefully designed for strength and durability on the trail.

The C2X RTR includes a set of RC4WD RRD Emulsion Scale Dual Spring Shocks. Designed for ultimate scale looks and ultimate performance. The shocks are machined from billet aluminum, have a threaded pre-load collar and dual spring design. The Shocks do not come with oil in them. For best performance, RC4WD recommends rebuilding the shocks with your preferred shock oil.
The C2X RTR Chassis is a machined billet aluminum ladder frame designed with multiple mounting points for suspension links. The front bumper mount utilizes RC4WD standard bumper posts and the rear is an integrated aluminum bumper with holes drilled for LED lights.

The C2X RTR includes a set of OEM Stamped Steel 1.9" Beadlock Wheels in a stealth black finish.  These stamped steel wheels with CNC machined parts offer amazing scale realism.

Every C2X RTR needs a tough set of tires and the included Mickey Thompson 1.9" Baja MTZ P3 4.6" Scale Tires provide just that! These tires are known for handling rocks, mud snow and whatever else you can throw at it with its durable advanced X2SS soft & sticky compound.
The Mojave II 4 Door Body has hand trimmed front fenders for more clearance around the tires, and comes painted in Cement Grey with painted black accents around the windows.

The Mojave II 4 Door Body comes with the RC4WD Mojave II Four Door Complete Interior w/Metal Details. Front and rear bench seats, full dashboard with gauges and metal accents highlight the best interior you will find on a RTR truck. 

The C2X Class 2 Competition Truck w/ Mojave II 4 Door Body comes with a pre-glued full cab back painted to match the body. This finishes the amazing looks of the scale hard plastic body and adds another great detail to the entire truck.
The bed of the C2X is machined from 6mm delrin. This design allows for fine details in the surface, but also retains a very rigid structure for the rear of the chassis.

Featuring the incredible detail of the Officially Licensed Marlin style grille and headlights, the C2X looks great from any angle. All the lights are able to have LED lights installed with little to no modifications. 
The C2X RTR includes a high quality XR3 3 Channel 2.4Ghz Radio System. Use the third channel to control a winch and add even more fun to your scale adventure!

The C2X RTR is powered by the RC4WD 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 35T. With its sealed endbell for increased durability and long lasting performance, you’re sure to get where you’re going!

The C2X RTR features the popular RC4WD Outcry III Waterproof ESC Brushed Speed Controller with built-in drag brake for reliable, constant power on demand. Anytime.

A great truck needs a great servo to get you out of those tough spots and the C2X RTR features the Twister High Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo. It boasts over 300oz/in of torque at 7.2V

Its ALL in the box! Everything you need is provided to get you on the trails today!
Recong G6 Certified 2019